Edwin Jagger – S81M35611SR – Nickle plated drip stand

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Edwin Jagger - S81M35611SR - Nickle plated drip stand

After a while of debating whether or not I should try and plunge into the depths of traditional shaving, my colleage (a long-time traditional shaver) persuaded me to go to a local barber shop and get some advice.

Needless to say, when I got there, we spent about an hour in the store, getting all of my questions answered and was being adviced on what I would be needing as a starter-pack.

Then it was time to decide…and what I went for was this 3-piece Edwin Jagger set (Pure badger brush, nickel plated DE razor and a drip stand), it came with a 5-pack Feather blades and I also purchased a TOBS (Taylor of Old Bond Street) Jermyn Street shaving cream.

Jermyn Street was adviced because I have a very sensitive skin.