My Brushes – Overview

  1. Vie-Long 13071 – Horse
  2. Proraso Brush – Boar
  3. Semogue 820R – Boar
  4. Whipped Dog 30mm – Synthetic
  5. Frank Shaving & Victoria Sheng – Synthetic
  6. J&T Custom Whipped Dog – Boar
  7. RazoRock Plissoft – Synthetic
  8. Kent BLK4 – Silvertip Badger
  9. RazoRock Plissoft Italian Barber – Synthetic
  10. Mühle Fibre XL – Synthetic
  11. Maggard 24mm – Synthetic
  12. RazoRock Big Bruce Plissoft – Synthetic
  13. Maggard 22mm – 2-Band Finest Badger
  14. L’Occitane Plisson – Synthetic
  15. Shavemac LE 2016 – 2-Band Silvertip Badger
  16. Simpsons Chubby 2 – Best Badger
  17. J&T – 2-Band Finest Badger
  18. Edwin Jagger – Pure Badger (Not in the picture)
  19. Kruidvat – Boar (Not in the picture)
  20. De Vergulde Hand – Boar (Not in the picture)

My Shaving Den

Left to right:
My first Edwin Jagger set
Razor blades

Front to back, left to right:
RazoRock Plissoft Synthetic
Mühle XL Synthetic
Vie-Long 13071 Horse
Kent BLK4 Bagder
Semogue 820R Boar
J&T Whipped Dog Custom Boar
Kruidvat Boar Brush
De Vergulde Hand Boar Brush

Left to right, top to bottom:
Merkur 42C
Merkur 34C
Merkur Progress
Edwin Jagger DE3D14BL
Merkur 37C
Mühle R41
Gilette Tech
Ikon #101
Above The Tie Atlas
Mühle R89 Twist

Left to right, back to front:
Proraso Vintage Gift Box
Steve Woodhead Scuttle
Connaught Soap Bowl
Kruidvat Alum Block
Edwin Jagger Shaving Bowl

Left to right, top to bottom:
Taylor Of Old Bond Street – 15 samples
Two empty boxes

Left to right, top to bottom:
Taylor Of Old Bond Street
Taylor Of Old Bond Street
Barbiere di Figaro / Mitchell’s Wool Fat
St James Of London
Miscellanious Creams
On the right side: cups for samples